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Specific Engagements

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The Service


Mr. Bogen is often retained by clients to address discrete matters for which he is particularly well-suited because of his skills, qualities and experience.  Given his extensive work in the healthcare industry, healthcare providers and companies that provide services or products to healthcare providers often engage Mr. Bogen to take on matters that their general counsel or other day-to-day lawyer or firm may not be equipped to handle.  Mr. Bogen understands that in these cases, that the company’s general or usual counsel has earned the respect and trust with of her or his company, and Mr. Bogen works closely with (as opposed to circumventing) such counsel as he recognizes, among other things, that such lawyers know how the client thinks and what is important to them.   



  • Formation and structuring 

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Commercial leases 

  • Preferred provider agreements

  • Novel contracts

  • Preparing templates for clients to use on a regular basis 

  • Due diligence

  • Loan agreements and other financing arrangements

  • Dispute resolutions

Billing Arrangements


Mr. Bogen is flexible in structuring his compensation arrangements with clients. While he customarily bills by the hour, he is also open to fixed fees and lower hourly rates with success fees, among other methods.

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