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Sourcing Other Lawyers/Firms on Behalf of Clients

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Sourcing Other Lawyers/Firms on Behalf of Clients - top of page

The Service


From time to time, businesses are seeking a lawyer or law firm who meet very specific needs.  For example, a lawyer in a particular geographic area, one with a specialized skillset or practice area, one with particular connections or relationships, one with an ideal background or some combination of these or other traits.  In these cases, Mr. Bogen assists his regular clients and businesses that simply want him to help find the best lawyer for their needs by compiling a list of the best candidates, interviewing them and then reporting back to the client with his findings and recommendations so that the client can make the ultimate decision regarding which attorney to retain.  At the request of a client, Mr. Bogen will also negotiate the engagement agreement between the client and the attorney to ensure that the lawyer and the client’s incentives are aligned.  He can also monitor the performance of the retained lawyers on behalf of his clients. 

The Skills and Qualities


​Mr. Bogen is ideally situated to take on this role for businesses. Because he often acts as General Counsel for his clients, he has ample experience with sourcing the best lawyers for particular matters and negotiating their billing arrangements.  Moreover, having practiced for more than 35 years at a number of large and small law firms, he understands what motivates attorneys and how to structure compensation arrangements that will properly align the objectives of the client and the client’s attorney. Finally, he has cultivated an extensive network of lawyers and law firms and has numerous other sources for identifying lawyers who meet specified criteria.  

Billing Arrangements


Mr. Bogen is flexible on how he is compensated for these services.  He often bills by the hour, but also will work for a fixed fee and a reduced rate with a success fee. 

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