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Industry Business Acquisition "Rollups"

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The Service


Throughout his career, Mr. Bogen has represented many clients in industry “rollups” where the client will be engaged in acquiring many similarly situated businesses over a relatively short period of time with the objective of building a commanding presence, economies of scale, and positioning for going public or another exit strategy.  Often these strategies involve multiple transactions at various stages transpiring concurrently.  Usually, there is a set of template documents that are used for each acquisition and a team of people dedicated to legal, financial and operational due diligence.  In the role of lead attorney, Mr. Bogen is charged with preparation of the deal documentation, negotiation of the transactions (with input from the business leadership), oversight of legal due diligence, and coordinating with the business team leader.

The Skills and Qualities:


​Mr. Bogen has the qualities and skills that make him particularly well suited for this position.  He is:

  • Calm under pressure

  • Collaborative, a careful listener, and an excellent communicator

  • Responsive and reliable

  • Organized, deliberate and thorough

  • Practical and creative, with the perspective to see the big picture

  • Deal maker



​Over his career, Mr. Bogen has closed hundreds of transactions in rollup scenarios, including in the following industries:

  • Skilled nursing facilities

  • Radio and broadcast companies

  • Dental practices

  • Mobile x-ray companies

  • Home infusion companies

  • Home health companies

  • Medical practices

  • Home respiratory and medical supply companies



Mr. Bogen typically bills on an hourly basis for his work on rollups; however, he is also amenable to fixed fees, and a reduced billing rate with success fees.

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