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Access to a Cultivated Network of Lawyers & Other Professionals

Image by Romain V

Over his more than 35 years of practicing law, Mr. Bogen has cultivated an enviable network of contacts that he often makes available to his clients.  Through his experience with these people and firms he has developed a strong understanding of their special capabilities and other skillsets, relationships, responsiveness, and pricing and when a client is seeking assistance from someone for something that Mr. Bogen is not personally equipped to provide, he will make recommendations and introductions based on his knowledge of the client, the client’s needs and the background of the particular person or firm he is recommending.  Mr. Bogen does not demand or expect anything in exchange for such referrals.  


Among other specialists, Mr. Bogen has various “go-to” people or firms in the following areas:

  • Accountants

  • Attorneys (nearly all specialties)

  • Branding Specialists

  • Commercial Banks

  • Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Consultants

  • Executive Search Firms

  • Financial Advisors

  • Government Relations (lobbying)

  • Insurance Brokers

  • Investment Banking

  • Management Consulting

  • Private Equity

  • Public Relations

  • Tax Specialists (attorneys and accountants)

  • Trademark and Other IP Licensing Agents

  • Venture Capital

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