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Playing Different Roles for Different Clients

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Mr. Bogen recognizes that different clients have different needs and he is flexible and has extensive experience working with clients in different capacities. The following are some of the roles that he plays for different clients:

General Counsel Services

Specific Engagements

Sourcing Other Lawyers/Firms on Behalf of Clients

Industry/Business Acquisition “Rollups”


Purchases and Sales of Hospitality Businesses:

Mr. Bogen represents buyers and sellers of hospitality businesses. These deals include negotiating and drafting purchase price provisions that may include seller or outside financing, restrictive covenants, continuing employment or consulting arrangements, transition issues, closing conditions, representations, warranties and indemnifications.  He also assists with due diligence reviews of various aspects of the business.  Mr. Bogen’s approach to purchase and sale transactions is to encourage the parties to focus on big picture items to avoid wasting time and efforts on matters that will likely be of little “real world” consequence, and to be transparent and reasonable to create the trust necessary to get to a closing and thereafter to facilitate a positive relationship between the parties that will result in cooperation (in lieu of litigation) if unanticipated issues arise.  This approach is accompanied by Mr. Bogen’s ability to strongly advocate for his clients, and to stand firm without creating drama, on matters of importance to them.

Real Property Purchases and Leases:

Mr. Bogen advises his clients on purchases or leases of real property for their enterprises.  Because the real property is central to the success of most hospitality businesses, these transactions require careful review and strong negotiation.  With purchases, it is critical to assure that the location is in an acceptable zone, that there are no deed restrictions that apply to the property and that title is clean.  For leases, the term, renewal options, termination provisions, assignability, signage, and in many instances, parking, clauses are critical among other provisions.  Of course, in either case the purchase price or rent (and escalations and pass-throughs) are of utmost importance. 

Employment Arrangements: 

Mr. Bogen assists his clients with designing employment or independent contractor arrangements that will properly incentivize employees, especially senior management and staff, such as Executive Chefs, to perform well.  Important features can include bonuses, equity opportunities, restrictive covenants, and a clear articulation of time commitments, performance goals and associated rewards.  Mr. Bogen is not a labor lawyer and when collective bargaining or workplace rules and regulations are involved, he brings in outside counsel that focus primarily on these matters.

Financing Transactions:

Mr. Bogen is conversant in helping his clients with obtaining financing including secured financing, asset-based loans backed by accounts receivables and factoring arrangements.

Management Contracts and Other Transactions:

Mr. Bogen often functions as the “go-to” lawyer for his hospitality clients.  In this capacity, he reviews and negotiates agreements with management companies, important vendor agreements, and other significant transactions.  He also helps clients with structuring strategic alliances and joint ventures.  In many cases, his hospitality clients reach out to him before making any important business decision.

Dispute Resolution:

Mr. Bogen assists his hospitality clients with resolving disputes among stakeholders, with lenders, with landlords, with employees or independent contractors and with vendors.

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